Laboratorio de Lingüística Informática

DIRSI - Directionality in Simultaneous Interpreting

This corpus is called DIRSI, as it stands for Directionality in Simultaneous Interpreting. It is a bilingual (English and Italian) spoken corpus of speeches delivered at international conferences and their simultaneous translation performed by professional conference interpreters.

The conferences were held in Italy. Five professional interpreters were involved, one native English and four native Italian interpreters. For the time being, three conferences are included in the corpus:

     -ELSA (about foreign carers assisting elderly people in Italy)
     -CFF4 and CFF5 (about cycstic fibrosis)

The corpus is structured into four sub-corpora of speeches:

     org-en   (English original speeches, i.e. English source speeches)
     int-en-it (Italian translations of original English speeches, i.e. Italian target speeches)
     org-it     (Italian original speeches, i.e. Italian source speeches)
     int-it-en (English translations of original Italian speeches, i.e. English target speeches)

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